Thursday, August 14, 2008

One Week

A whole lot can happen in a week.  You can be pregnant one week and have a one week old baby the next!  This week has been a blur.  The first day in the hospital, my Bubba and I were jokingly asking when this infant's parents were going to come pick her up.  And as we were putting her in the car seat and getting ready to come home, we felt like announcing it like someone was going to stop us.  "We're getting reaaaaadddy....  We're going to the eeeeelllllleeeeeevvvatttors....   We're leeeeeeeeaaaaaavvinggg!"  As we slowly and deliberately stepped toward the door.

I don't know that the reality has set in altogether yet...  

My milk finally came in on Monday, and Lucy has been considerably happier since.  The first couple of days she would sleep only for 30-40 minutes at a time.  I was pretty ragged!  We even supplemented with some formula on Sunday because I was just emotionally and physically exhausted and so sad that I couldn't feed her.  But now, last night for example, she slept from 11 to 2 and then from 3:30 to 5:30.  So nice to get entire cycles of REM sleep before shocking awake to the realization that there's a baby crying in the room.

My mommy leaves tomorrow.  I've been trying to convince her to stay another week or move in, but she's not hearing it.  She's been an awfully nice help around here.  I highly underrated the importance of emotional support.  I kind of wish we lived closer to family for situations like this.

Lucy's going to miss Grandma cuddles!

Lucy seems to change so much every day.  She's gaining weight and is more alert between naps:

Daddy fixed my hair.

Stretching on the bed with her Sonic the Hedgehog 'do

One week old today.


Lindsay said...

I still cannot get over how much hair she has. She's just lovely, Liz. :o)

Elizabeth said...

Oh she is SO! ADORABLE! I can totally tell you are basking in the new mommyhood experience. Enjoy it...they do change so fast! That's sad sometimes, but also really good, because when things get tough you can just remind yourself that she'll change and it will be altogether different very soon.

Anonymous said...

mike & marge are glad to see that Adam can comb hair.
Lucy is sooo cute.

-R- said...

She is so cute!

emily said...

She really is a beautiful baby. Congrats again!


Kate P said...

What a great shot of all you together. Happy first week, Lucy!