Saturday, August 9, 2008

Lucky you ... Saturday update!

We got home this afternoon.  We had to stick around the hospital until Lucy was around 48 hours old because she and I had a fever when she was born.  They wanted to make sure that it wasn't some sort of infection.  Fine by me - I wouldn't know infection from inflection!  But it sure is nice to be home.  My bed!  My chair!  My refrigerator!  (I haven't eaten much in the last 4 days....)

And since I know that you just want to hear about Lucy, here you go:

She's freaking awesome, guys.  Bubba and I are in absolute awe every time we look at her.  Every time I snooze and wake up I have to go through the emotions and the awe again.  Is it possible that I even deserve this?  Is God really this good?  My goodness.

Stupid blogger won't let me upload photos.  Sorry.  You'll just have to wait!

I'll get back to my labor and delivery maybe on Monday.  I have some good and funny stories to tell!


Carrie said...

Congrats again- it's nice to be taken care of in the hospital, but even nicer to get home to your own place and start figuring out things for yourself. Looking forward to seeing photos!

Elizabeth said...

Spoken like a new momma. I'm sure she's sweet as can be, but let's see how your perspective changes when you are working on a couple of weeks of massive sleep deprivation. Unless you happen to be one of the lucky few who can live on little sleep. I'm not, and the sleep deprivation was definitely a shocker to my system for the first few weeks.

Lindsay said...

I'm glad to hear you're both doing well. I'm sure that the pictures are more than worth the wait. :o) Enjoy your own bed!

miket said...

I want to hear the labor and delivery stories from Bubba's perspective. From the rock, the support, the "get the ice chips out of my face" guy!! Congrats from another girl daddy!

Kate P said...

Yay, you're home. Looking forward to your stories, but for now, go enjoy your baby! :)