Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Day Four

The thought of induction is starting to sound more and more attractive as the frustrating false contractions that end with nothing but a worked up Lizzie screw with my psyche.  Well-meaning people repeat "You won't be pregnant forever!" or "She has to come out sometime!"  While true, these are so not comforting at this point.

Every evening I see the vamp up to the Olympic opening ceremonies and think, "Maybe Friday wouldn't be bad."  My doctor last Wednesday mentioned that she wouldn't like this pregnancy to go past Friday.  I guess for a couple of reasons - the first of which is that she still thinks the baby is on the big side.  Like the baby already weighs 8 1/2 lbs.  Which isn't huge, but she thinks the baby's ready...  

Last Wednesday I wasn't ready to talk about inducing labor.  I've heard nothing but horror stories about how much more painful labor is with pitocin and how much longer it takes.  Frankly, it sounds like torture.  But there's no real guarantee that natural labor would be much different...  My doctor wanted me to sign the papers for everything at my appointment that day.  I wouldn't.  I was just certain that this sweet little amenable baby girl person would cooperate and come out last weekend or early this week like was expected of her.

Now, today's Tuesday.  Day four of the count-up.  And while I'm still antsy and anxious, I get a little more numb to the raw disappointment of not having a baby every day.  Tomorrow is my OB appointment.  We will again talk about inducing on Friday.  Here's my dilemma:  WHAT SHOULD I DO????

  • Have a baby on Friday (or Saturday)
  • Be able to plan everything for the type A part of my personality
  • The cervix-softening cream I get on Thursday could make natural labor happen on its own
  • Pitocin may be the devil and I really wanted a natural childbirth (until she took way too freaking long to bake in there)
  • My doctor is out of town on Friday and I'd have to have someone else deliver me (I'm not sure what the chances are that my own Dr. would actually be on call if I deliver naturally.  And I do like everyone in the practice..)
  • My mother is flying into Seattle at 2pm on Friday (I was supposed to have the baby last weekend and she's coming to help!) and she'd have to take a cab directly to the hospital (KINDA PRO: Mom would be there for the birth!)
What do you think, guys?  Please weigh in on my list!


Amber Theiss said...

I have been in your shoes twice. Sophie and Hannah were induced. Hannah went 11 days over.. can you IMAGINE?

My experience with inductions were ok. (As ok as labor can go..) Granted I've never gone into labor on my own so I can't compare the two. I also wanted a natural birth but with the pit it was not an option for me. I tried and made it to 6cm with both girls but couldn't go any longer without pain meds. If it were me I would opt for the induction for all of the reasons you listed. How wonderful that your mom could be there for the birth.

We love you and Adam and wish nothing but Easy Labor Vibes for you. In the end all that matters is that you and Baby Tad are healthy and happy. Fee free to call if you want more info on my induction experiences.

Jess said...

I don't know! I don't have enough info! I have no personal experience to share. If there is a medical reason why the baby should come out earlier then I'd go with that. Otherwise, won't she come out when she needs to? Or do I sound as clueless as I am when I say such a thing?

Anonymous said...

Sweetie! I feel your pain! Have you tried some natural induction techniques? ( I became a doula after my first was born and have seen them work for many post due date ladies.) There are some great ones out there! Much better than pit! Message me on facebook if you want more info.
Sending you happy birthing energy!
Lots of love,
Sarah Bj. M in New Orleans

maggie said...

Induction scares the crap out of me. But so does being pregnant forever.

Here is one thing for your Pro list: do you know how many Chinese people would kill- KILL!- to have their baby born on 8/8/08? That will be the luckiest richest best looking baby on the PLANET.

The moms group ladies are thinking good thoughts for you! They are all very interested. :)

Manda said...

A big baby is not a MEDICAL reason to induce. Due dates are miscalculated on a regular basis because women ovulate at different times of the month ... yet doctors affix themselves to the idea that they only ovulate two weeks after your period. Reasonably, you can go up to two weeks past your due date and everything is fine!

As long as you're fine health-wise (I know mentally it's SO tough and I'm totally preaching to the choir here because I'm in the boat with you) and the baby's fine HOLD OUT. I knot it's hard because people have their plane tickets and such but it's NOT WORTH your baby's health nor YOUR health. Ultimately the doctor will have the final word in terms of your safety and the baby's safety ... if she says an induction or c-section is medically necessary, then that's a big deal. If she's asking you what you want to do, then there's no other reason than CONVENIENCE. Which is not a good reason.

Whoever told you that you can't be pregnant forever was (sadly) very right. She will come when it's time. If you need to read up on an induction horror story because of impatience, check out my friend Lily's blog archives at http://pregnantwomenandbabies.blogspot.com ... she agreed to an induction because she was itchy like me and went three days over. The results were disasterous ... Isabella almost died. Please, please hold out as long as you can and I promise I will too!!
Praying for you girl. You can do this!! Remember the pioneer ladies who didn't even have air conditioning and they made out all right!! :) Ok shutting up now.

Kate P said...

Just to be contrary, and b/c I have no advice (or even assvice) to offer, I'm gonna hold out for Monday--feast of St. Clare (my mom-mom's patron). ;)

Lindsay said...

I know nothing of babies so I got nothing. But, I think it is so sweet that your mom is coming to help you out (even if the babe might not have arrived yet). Good thoughts to you in making your decision! Despite the uncomfortableness you must be in awe a bit that you are bringing home your and your husband's baby soon eh?

-R- said...

I think you are right: some people have bad experiences with induction, but some people have bad experiences with natural child birth. And some people have great experiences on both sides too!

Do whatever is right for YOU. Good luck!

Lindsay said...

Maggie said that you were told to report to the hospital. Here's hoping the next time you report back here you'll have Baby Tad with you! :o) Prayers for you!

Amber Theiss said...

Marge called and said you are at the hospital. Thinking of you both and sending all our love!