Friday, July 11, 2008

Worth a thousand words

Last week I saw a woman wearing a T-shirt that proclaimed "Who needs BRAINS when you've got THESE?" just a layer away from the references.   I wonder if that is actually the message she was trying to send...  

What do you suppose possesses a person to advertise something across the front or back of their T-shirt?  I have never understood the phenomena of teenage girls wearing cropped shirts with the word HOTTIE emblazoned in sparkles across the lady lumps - or for that matter, do you remember the "Big Johnson" T-shirts?  Ugh - why?  

There's a place for funny T-shirts in my world.  My husband is always coming up with funny phrases that he thinks should be on the front of a T-shirt (mostly dorky, let's be honest here).  I get a chuckle out of the T-shirt from Urban Outfitters that says "This way to the gun show" and has arrows pointing to the sleeves.  But since when is it ok to advertise your sexual proclivities or drinking abilities on your clothing?  (I've even seen a T-shirt with references to both on the same T-shirt - something about beer goggles...)

Yesterday I went to the grocery store to pick up a couple of things for dinner and there was a man at the seafood counter wearing a tank top that shouted I'M SHY in huge red letters across the back.  And then under that in smaller black letters was "But I have a huge d**k."  Really?  I wanted to ask him if that shirt actually helped him get dates.  That just seems counterintuitive to me.  And of course, it didn't help that the friend he had with him at the store didn't have a shirt on at all.  Classy. 

It starts young, this phenomenon.  There are onsies for newborns that say things like "My Mom's A Fox" or "Boob Man" or "Future MILF".  Have you seen these?  Seriously!  Who's going to dress their 2 month old baby in a T-shirt that advertises that she's going to be a MILF???  This is just too far beyond the scope of my understanding.  

To be fair, Baby Tad is the proud owner of a onsie that declares "My dad's a geek" which I think falls into the "humor" category and not the "offensive" one.

What does this advertising via clothing say about our society?  That we appreciate humor, or that we're crude?  Where did the line go between funny and just plain obscene?


Anonymous said...

I hate those shirts. The cheekiest one we have for baby is: "will cry for food!!" ha! I know, really controversial. My daughter will never, ever wear a MILF shirt (while I can still control what she wears, anyway). So trashy.

Manda said...

Dangit I hit publish before I filled in my info. Story of my life.

Two Sick Peas In A Pod said...

Does that mean I should get rid of my "boobies make me smile" shirt.

Elizabeth said...

Amen, sister! People are stupid.