Thursday, July 10, 2008

Week 37 and all's well...

For your viewing pleasure!  A photo of me at 37 weeks!:

I thought black was supposed to be slimming....

I've been doing hypnobreathing in my sleep - how weird is that!  I woke up in the middle of the night "breathing up" my contraction.  Does that mean I've done a good job of training my body/mind?  Or did I just happen to be dreaming about hypnobirthing while I had a contraction?  Hopefully that bodes well for all things birthing related.

I've been dreaming about the baby too.  The 20 pound newborn in the cradle.  Weird things that also involve normal routine like changing and breastfeeding and worrying that my milk won't come in.  From steamy dreams to baby stress dreams?  Generally, I'll take the scandalous ones, thank you.

I got all checked out yesterday chez le docteur, and she said things are going well.  (TMI warning - don't read if you don't want to hear about womanly parts!)  The cervix is soft and thinning and when the doctor checked it, she said she could feel baby's head right against it (weird and awesome at the same time).  All good signs!  Also, I like my doctor again.

Nesting is still a battle.  Now instead of cleaning like a maniac I look at dirty things and go through what needs to happen to them.  Example:  I look at the kitchen floor and I think, "This needs to be swept, the oven and fridge moved and swept under and then it needs to be mopped on hands and knees with a scrub brush."  But I don't DO it.  I just OBSESS about it.

I think the nesting has infiltrated my knitting too!  It's too hot to knit, and yet I now have three projects going.

First, the delicious Italian yarn.

I've finally decided on the sweater that this yarn wanted to grow up to be.  But it's knit on such itty-bitty needles that I get a little bored of the same pattern over and over and over just to have knit half a centimeter.

So I started an instant gratification fix:

Mmmmmmm!   Llama!

It's a little shrug-type sweater for a teeny person.  I didn't have much of the baby llama fiber left - just enough for this little sweater in fact.  It's knitting up really fast and gives me breaks from the mind-numbing pink sweater.

And then there's this:

Peace baby hat with some over-all type pants

I got the back of the pant-things done and I'm tired of it.  The pattern is cute enough - it's just such a sick color of grandma that's not the most pleasing to me.  I know I should just finish it.  And maybe if I put some embroidery on it or something to soften the color I might like it better.  I wish it were already done so I don't have to think about it ever again.  We'll see - it may end up on the Island of Lost Projects....

There's only one more week until this baby is "full term" and we're starting to take bets on what day her birthday will be.  My friend Mike is adamant that it's going to be the 19 of July.  That's next Saturday, and I hope he's wrong because that's just awfully soon (although at this point, anytime is soon!).  But he keeps referring to it as Baby Day.  Bubba and my mother both think August 3rd will be it.  I'm holding out for August 10th so I have something kinda far out to focus on just in case I'm pregnant For.Ev.Er.  I haven't thought of a good prize for who wins though.  Any suggestions?


Two Sick Peas In A Pod said...

Finally! A picture of you!
You look great Liz.
All the best!

Jess said...

It's all happening so soon! Makes me want to be pregnant. You look great.

Amber Theiss said...

I promise you will not be preggie forever. I remember feeling all the things that you write about. I had no idea you had this blog... so glad I found it. You look great. I wish we were closer so I could take take some pics of my new baby niece. Love you both!

Elizabeth said...

You overwhelm me with your craft-making skilz. I used to do stuff like that, but it always took so long and I'd get way sick of the project before I ever got so ambitious as to add embroidery! I'm in awe. And, sadly, nearly all of my friends' babies who appeared before I became a mommy have a personalized, cross-stitched baby item, and my poor daughter has none. Bad mommy!

Katharine Graves said...

I think your hypnobirthing dream sounds really positive and shows you must have absorbed the information. Well done, and keep practicing.

Katharine Graves is a HypnoBirthing teacher in London