Monday, July 7, 2008

Unleashing the inner crazy

I love having long weekends.  Especially the ones that we spend close to home not doing much of anything.  Well, not much of anything can be construed in a variety of different ways.  We did all kinds of things around the house and to get ready for the baby.  

Not to mention the time we spent dealing with two moderate to severe disorders (on my part) this weekend:

First.  Dudes, I think I've got the nesting bug.  Not sure if it's contagious, but my Bubba did organize the garage and kitchen pantry while I went absolutely psycho with every type of cleaning product imaginable on the baby's room, living room, bathroom, and my office (roughly 80% of our house).  I cleaned and conditioned furniture!  I "freshened" couch pillows!  I dusted every surface in the house, and then, when there was nothing more, I said "Bubba, there's nothing left to dust!" and he replied "Well, then you better stop."  But I COULDN'T.  I organized my desk and filed work to be done in order of importance.  I washed the blinds.  I did 6 loads of laundry.  I WASHED DOWN THE BATHROOM WALLS, PEOPLE!!!  I made a grocery list, and was going to go to the grocery store until Bubba INSISTED that I sit down and take it easy.

In the middle of the crazy cleaning, we went to Target to stock up on things for the baby's arrival.  We needed some more clothes for Baby Tad - the practical t-shirt and sleeper-type clothes; the cuteness-type clothes was covered mostly by friends and relatives!  We also needed some freezer containers for making food and freezing it for the first couple of weeks with the baby when we're on our own. My mom is going to come to Seattle from Wisconsin (because she's awesome like that) in mid-August, but until then, Bubba and I are on our own to keep an infant alive, ourselves alive, and make the household run.  Frozen dinners will be the key, I imagine.  And paper plates.  

This brings me to my second moderate-to-severe disorder: madly swinging emotions.

We went to lunch at Chipotle (ooooh, yum, sweetness of all things good), and as I awkwardly sat down, my shirt caught on the back of the chair and it ripped.  I cried.  I only have three shirts that fit my any more, I refuse to buy any more because, hello! I only have mere weeks left of this size, and everything I wear gets stains across the belly somehow.  Wah! I feel huge and frumpy and now I have to look it too!  And the Bubba wondered why I put on makeup to go out for brunch Saturday with friends who were meeting us hung over from the 4th...

Then we went to get a nightgown and slippers for me to wear in the hospital when I don't have to wear a hospital gown.  I broke down and cried again.  I was so overwhelmed with the thought of going to the hospital for real and having a baby.  Yep.  Bawling.  Wah!  I'm going to have a baby! I don't know if I can do this!  What were we thinking!

And THEN, in the baby clothes aisle, I had a contraction.  I hid and swayed and breathed, and when it was over, I was like "Woo HOO!!  Let's have a baby! I like contractions!  Let's go!" Totally manic.  Yeah.  I'm not really sure who I am either.  

Something better happen soon, or this Crazy might just creep out full time. 

But then again, maybe I'll be the only one who doesn't notice.


Jess said...

But it's all JUSTIFIED. There's an EXPLANATION. Oh wait. KNOWING that you're hormonal doesn't make actually BEING hormonal any easier.

Still! Only three more weeks!

Manda said...

I feel ya girl. Just last night I had a spastic crying fit and I got myself so worked up that John finally said in a stern voice (I think he might have slapped me if I wasn't carrying his child), "Manda, you NEED to CALM DOWN." I sniffed myself to sleep. AHHHH!