Thursday, July 3, 2008

Let us eat cake

To celebrate our anniversary I made this from Cooking Light:

Nectarine cheesecake with pistachio brittle.  Oh my goodness, it was fantastic. Highly recommend it.  Highly.  (Note to people like me: pistashio brittle does not hold up well in the fridge.  I now have a lovely cake with a puddle of carmelized used-to-be sugarness in the middle and soaked into the used-to-be-crusty crust.  Still delicious, don't get me wrong!)

*Except*! how bad of a wife am I that I completely blocked out our recent discovery of Bubba's lactose intolerance in making this??  I saw it in the magazine, and I was all "Mmmmmm.  I need to have this!" and made it as a surprise for the Bubba, and when he saw it was cheesecake, he just got this confused look on his face, like "why would you do that?"  Yeah.  Not the most thoughtful thing I've ever done.  But he did a cost-to-benefit analysis, and ate a small piece and loved it.  

I still feel kinda bad.  Partly because there's an ENTIRE delicious cheesecake in my fridge that no one in my house can eat but me, and I just want to eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner - and really, I almost have to so that it doesn't go to waste.  I guess I'll just have to take one for the team.  The doctor's going to be really surprised next week when I show up and actually break her scale...

Evidently the third anniversary gift is leather.  I immediately thought "Kinky! What kind of 'tradition' is that?!  Ha ha."  But then since we decided not to exchange gifts, I bought a bottle of leather cleaner/conditioner and gave it to Bubba as a joke so he can clean our leather furniture.  Well, even after the horrible lactose-full cake I gave him, and the silly "get to work" gift, SOMEONE didn't follow the rules. SOMEONE bought me a big-girl wallet that is awesome and looks like this:

With a slot on the other side for my ID and room in the zipper for cash and coins.  I've never had a grown-up wallet!  It's kind of exciting.  No more fumbling around in my Marimekko coin purse full of cards that like to jump out and onto the floor at populated places like CostCo! 

But the best present of all?  My Bubba who never takes a day off for anything in the entire universe ever took the morning off today to spend sleeping in and cuddling and making breakfast with me!  We even took a nice walk around Greenlake.

I am spoiled. :)


Manda said...

OOH! Nice wallet! Very grown-up. The cheesecake is giving me heartburn just looking at it (good sign). Poor Bub!! Ah well, cheesecake for breakfast it is then! :)

Kate P said...

He's a keeper, that one. :)

(Tip from the milk-allergic person: visit the Go Dairy Free blog and try out their recipes. Some are really easy and good.)

Swistle said...

Oh, that looks so yummy!