Wednesday, July 16, 2008

In which I love and hate the internet

I know.  I wrote the phrase "hate the internet".  You are all probably declaring me a heathen and deleting me from your Google readers and otherwise excommunicating me from your internet lives.  Aurevoir, mes amis...

I have let the internet become a major time suck.  I work on the internet.  I play on the internet.  I do research on the internet.  I write pointless aimless blogs on the internet.  If I am away from the internet for an hour, I have to compulsively check my (3) email boxes, refresh my Google reader, and check Facebook to see if my opponent played a word on Scrabulous or if anyone fun is online to IM with.

When Bubba comes home, he likes computer time too.  He doesn't get internet at work.  Can you imagine?  They have intRAnet, but that's so not even pretending to be the same thing.  I guess it helps a lot with productivity to not have internet available at their individual desks.  I wouldn't know what that's like.  Wouldn't WANT to know.

I don't like to share my internets.  Seeing him on my computer just makes me go through my compulsive checklist and wonder what I'm missing on my sites!  If there are any new free knitting patters on my reg sites.  If my bloggy friends have posted new thoughts!  I think that my relationship with the world wide web has surpassed a hobby and become and addiction.  A need.  If I can't get online I tweak.

I have a sneaking suspicion Bubba is planning an intervention.

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