Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Still Love a Good Spectacle

Just out of college, I worked for Buena Visa Home Entertainment doing customer service for French-speaking Canada.  It was a pretty fun job for a new grad.  Lots of neat perks like getting the promotional products, and best of all getting free DVDs.

The DVDs were being released and still having compatibility issues with some of the DVD players out there.  Therefore, those of us with DVD players would get the movies to take home, watch, and then keep!  The only drawback was that we were required to record any glitches, navigation errors, layer jumps, etc. that happened on our player.

Snow White, Unbreakable, Pearl Harbor, Toy Story 2, the Sixth Sense.  I got all of them before they were released and watched the movie, the commentary, the trailers, the foreign languages.

This turned me off of movies for SO LONG.  I could absolutely not sit through an entire movie to save my soul for the next ....  oh .... 10 years almost.  Well, actually, if we're at home watching a DVD, I still often have to pause it so I can have a break and go do the dishes or something else with my hands.

As far as movies go, I'm a shoot-em-up kind of girl.  In order to keep my attention, it's got to be an action flick.  I want you to spare me the Howard's End Pride and Prejudice Boleyn Girl Baloney.  No thank you.  I actually find these to be painful.  I'll take Die Hard or The Usual Suspects any day.  I like suspense and plot twist and intrigue!

Last night, I went to see the Dark Knight.  AT THE IMAX.  It was in-effing-credible.  I even metered my liquid intake for hours beforehand so I wouldn't have to get up and pee in the middle of the excitement.  This is the first movie in AGES I've actually been so excited about going to that I bought tickets in advance and had Bubba and another friend leave work early for the 4pm show (I couldn't see myself staying up for the 10pm show, you understand!).  I got there a few minutes after 3 to wait in line for a good seat.  That is dedication for a lady who's 9 months pregnant, let me tell you.

The acting was incredible - the critics aren't kidding when they say Heath Ledger basically has the Oscar in the bag for best supporting actor.  He made the movie.  And the scenes were awesome.  Chicago makes such a good Gotham.  Bubba has worked on designing a couple of tall buildings there that made it onto the scene, so that was kinda cool.  The writing and action were spellbinding.

One drawback:  Tad, this sweetest fetus, does NOT like loud noises.  She was writhing basically the whole time which turned out to be a little less than comfortable for yours truly.  I didn't even eat treats to make her dance!  I hope she's not the kind of baby that wakes up with every honking horn!  Ugh.

Anyway, the movie was awesome and the IMAX experience made me have total sensory overload for the rest of the evening.  I couldn't really do anything.  I felt like I had to come home and stare at a blank wall for a few hours and then go to bed!  It was hard to make conversation over dinner.  Impossible to turn the TV on.  

The movie was so overwhelming, my brain was mush.  I still haven't decided if that's a good thing or not.  Maybe it's the ultimate diversion...


Elizabeth said...

Honestly, most movies make me feel like that now. We are totally movie-deprived. We usually see one or two movies a year, so any movie shown on the big screen is enough to overload my senses. And I cry at just about any movie in the theater. Something about the strategic placement of emotive music which bombards you on surround sound is enough to throw me over the edge. I cried multiple times during Evan Almighty in the theater. That's pretty freakin pathetic.

L said...

I saw that movie too. I am a diehard chick flick girl but living in a one movie screen town my last three have been The Dark Knight, Wanted and the Hulk. Mon Dieu! Heath Ledger was amazing, especially considering his prior roles were nothing like this. I am starting to find the length of movies to be getting a bit ridiculous however. I know it's a chick flick but I recommend SATC the movie if you at all followed the series and have time to kill.

maggie said...

I totally want to see it, but I'm a little afraid of how gory/violent it might be. I don't get rid of those images easily! My brother tells me there's something about a pencil, but otherwise it's all good. What sayeth Liz?

Carrie said...

I've heard great things about Batman, but I think it's not for me. I think Daniel and his friends are going to see it on IMAX, while I go with my best friend to see Mamma Mia (not at the same time, clearly, or else the baby would be a little neglected).

I just looked at your countdown- cannot believe it's only 10 days until Tad's due date! Hurray!