Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I have nothing to say.

WARNING: This is a worthless waste of time blog post!  Don't read it if you possibly have ANYTHING better to do with your time!

I have nothing in my brain this morning.  Nothing.  I am finding it EXTREMELY difficult to concentrate on work (ie. I have done very, very little work today).  And yet I wonder into the kitchen and can't quite make myself clean in there, so I lumber to the recliner and I don't really want to sit there, I don't really want to knit, I don't want to do anything.  I want to go to bed and wake up when this baby is coming.  

The frustrated restlessness isn't so much caused by the fact that I'm waiting and waiting (although I am...) it's more so the overwhelming sense of ambiguity and apathy for everything right now.  I can't seem to get myself motivated to DO anything.  Well, I go for walks, but only because I have told myself that it will help convince the baby to come.  

There's not a whole lot to clean or do to prepare for Tad.  My house is pretty durn clean with the little I-must-wipe-this! spurts I've been having the last week or so.  My hospital bag gets packed in installments, my email addresses and phone numbers are all ready to go.  

In baby news, I think she dropped.  I can breathe and eat again and I feel like I have to learn to walk all over again because my hips are different somehow.  I need help getting in and out of the car because I can't really bend forward - I kind of have to get my lower half out and then pray that my upper half can follow without too much trouble.  Awkward.

Also, I'm HUGE.  This week at church a lady leaned over to be at the blessing of the Eucharist and asked if I am due really soon or if I was having multiples.  And then at the church picnic afterward one of the guys jokingly recruited me to be the anchor for their tug-of-war contest.  Charming.

Also, I want to go out and find the owner of the car whose alarm keeps going off on the street in front of my house and kick him or her in the shins.  It's not even one of those annoying new alarms that changes tone and whatnot.  It's one of the honking horn alarms, and it's gone off three times since I've been writing this.  This makes four times.  Uh.  I think I need to leave the house.

I'll go walk around Greenlake and hopefully that will change my attitude and motivation a little bit.


Elizabeth said...

Ugh, the waiting! Hang in there. Can't wait to read about little Tad's arrival. Then you'll have a whole new set of things to deal with!

Manda said...

The dude at the church picnic should be shot.
And I feel ya. Nothing in my brain either, except "Why the hell won't my husband take off work to help me put the crib together!!" and then crying. And then Oreos. It's a vicious cycle.

maggie said...


I'm doing a whole lotta nothing over here. Maybe tomorrow you'll want to stop by the wading pool during your walk?

Kate P said...

I honestly think that in some people's heads, "You're huge!" sounds like a compliment. There must be some synapses failing to connect or something.

Keep walking--my mom always says gravity is your friend.

Anonymous said...

LOL at the anchor thing and maggie's comment in caps. I am starting to wonder if pregancy is like the end of school. I am in my last 60 days of 7 yrs post secondary and am finding sporadic tears, unwarranted screaming at husband, and general waaaaaaiiiiitttting to be the story of my life. Hope things get better!!!!

Jess said...

This is all so exciting! I am so looking forward to the baby! I can only imagine how you must feel!