Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Caffeine buzz

I don't think I've ever been happier to wake up to an overcast day.  It is so nice and cool today that I almost want to apologize for all the times I complain about my lack of sun.  Almost.

I went down to Canal Coffee and got myself a delicious decaf latte treat to celebrate a great work conference call with my business partner.  I haven't even had decaf TEA since last August when we started trying for a baby.  I'm so jittery with the caffeine of the decaf, that I'm terrified of what might happen if I were to drink the high-octane stuff!  Whew.  This is my only excuse for the disjointed thoughts that follow.

It's been a while since I posted about Tad and any new developments in the nursery department, but there's not much to report.  She's getting bigger.  I looked in the mirror last night at how my shirt fit, and I'm convinced that she's bigger even just since the weekend.  Not to mention that I just feel bigger - but that could be the warm weather too.  I feel like when I walk the correct word to describe it is "lumbering".  Not necessarily the most flattering thing I can think of, but fairly accurate.

I'm definitely feeling pregnant lately.  I have to ask for help more often with getting things from shelves or doing general things.  It makes me feel kind of... hm.  I'm not sure.  Useless isn't quite the word.  Neither is needy.  Somewhere in between, let's say... tired and frustrated.  Energy wanes quickly these days, so mornings are absolutely key if I want to get anything done with my day.  In the afternoons, more often than not I'm sitting staring at my computer screen wondering what I was going to type, or what I just looked up for work.

We've been playing the "Guess the Appendage" game when Tad does her nightly Tai Chi exercises.  Bum is usually the winner - she has this bony little bum that she pokes out while she stretches out her legs.  That makes feet the second most popular guess in this game.  Either way, we mostly win - she's pretty predictable without much room in there anymore.  I mean, seriously, I don't think there is ANY more room that I can share in my body.  Does she WANT me to remove my intestines and whatnot?

In other news, I know I'm getting older growing up when the term I used to apply to the people that were always at our neighborhood bar when I went, I now apply to our friends at church. The Reg.s (regulars) used to refer to the old drunks at the end of the bar that were ALWAYS there whether I would show up at the tavern once in a week or once in a month.  Now the word Reg.s applies to Maggie and Phillip, and about three other couples at church.  That's growing up for you - looking forward to seeing the Reg.s on Sunday!

Also in other news, I am amazed by the random kindnesses of others.  I met a friend of my aunt's this spring when I was in Virginia for a funeral.  She was a model for Nordstrom before moving into other modeling and meeting her Italian fashion designer husband and moving to Italy.  Anyway, we talked about knitting of all things and life in Europe and that was that.  Well, she sent some wool/silk blend yarn for me to make something for Baby Tad!  When I got the package I actually squealed with delight.

It's the sweetest pale pink color and the most delicious soft wool/silk blend that I want to eat it.  I even threatened to name them before my Bubba made fun of me.  I've gotten every book and pattern down that I own and I have been poring over them trying to decide what to make with this.  And it doesn't even bother me one bit that it's too darn hot to knit - I want to cast this on right now!  What an amazingly kind thought for a woman that doesn't know me other than as Laura's niece.  

That really is how the world should work, isn't it?  We should go through life trying to do thoughtful little things to make other people happy.  Resolved: always remember to pay it forward.


Manda said...

Lizzie, I believe it's called KARMA! Remember how you sent me, a total stranger, a beautiful handknit sweater for my daughter?? HELLOOOO!!! :)
And yes, lumbering is the word. Oy.

rebecca said...

why are you not using that pink yarn to knit a uterus for atop your piano? ;-)