Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My man

The other night, Bubba and I were sitting at the table finishing dinner.  We had already talked about our work days, and that usually means that we're pretty much done for the evening.  Add a little relaxation before bedtime, and we're good.  Well, Bonnie Raitt's I Can't Make You Love Me  came on the "sad listening for over thirties" (little shout out to Bridget Jones) that we were tuned into on the radio.

Bubba started lip synching.  To the entire song.  With hand gestures conveying emotion.

I sat and tried to finish my dinner without laughing it up into my nose.  When the song was over, and the last note had been drawn out with the last desperately reaching hand motion, Bubba turned to me and said "Have I ever told you how many awards I've won for lip synching?"  Totally serious.

Yeah.  He's mine.  Hands off, ladies.


Elizabeth said...

He sounds eerily like my husband...who is a bona-fide karaoke contest winner. And who sings to our daughter constantly, which makes her laugh. Trust me, his theatrical skilz will come in handy when entertaining a baby...especially when she's a few months old.

Manda said...

Ha ha, he's definitely a keeper!!

Katie T. said...

All I picture is a scrawny, bug-looking boy with a cowboy hat. "Alvira.....oompapa, oompapa, mau, mau....." LOL Miss you guys and love you!!!!!!!!!!