Thursday, July 24, 2008


I came across an article the other day that I find to be just hilarious.  There's a weirdo ultra right-wing Christian news site called OneNewsNow that got a little auto-fill happy.  

You guys know Tyson Gay?  The dude that broke the world record for the 100 meter sprint in the Olympic Track and Field trials in Oregon?  Well, this article from OneNewsNow reported "Homosexual Sets World Sprint Record" and "World's Fastest Man: Homosexual."  They auto-replace every instance of "gay" with "homosexual," and evidently it works quite well.

After all the flack it got, they corrected everything (obviously) so I can't link to it - only to the sites that make merciless fun.  The article was evidently originally by the AP, but was altered on the OneNewsNow site.

I expect something like this from The Onion: "Homosexual qualified for his first summer games team...he's certainly someone to watch in Beijing."

And you just can't make this shit up: "'It means a lot to me' the 25 year old Homosexual said, 'I'm glad my body could do it because now I know I have it in me.'"

This is hysterical.  What a colossal mistake.  How did no one catch this?  And if Gay is not, in fact, gay, could he sue them for slander?  Or at least misrepresenting him?

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Manda said...

Oh I KNOW they ARE NOT messing with my BUDDY!!