Friday, July 18, 2008

14 days, God help me

Baby Tad set up shop in my gut 38 weeks ago today.  I am so ready to not be pregnant anymore .  

It's been nice.  I've actually enjoyed most of it.  It's been a pretty easy pregnancy without many of the discomforts women usually complain of.  I didn't have morning sickness to bad, or heartburn too often, or joint pain too regularly.  I did have crazy hormonal mood swings, but that can happen once a month anyway, if you know what I mean.

I can even maybe say that I like being pregnant.  Not only the excitement and anticipation of having a baby, but the intimacy of feeling the baby move in my skin and hearing her heartbeat just below mine.  I've loved sharing the awe of life and making future plans with my Bubba.

Pregnancy really is an amazing thing.

But I'm done.  

I'm just so restless!  I can't concentrate on one thing for more than a butterfly's attention span. I am having a really hard time working and keeping my thoughts and ideas together.  It's rough because since we're starting this business from the ground up, I have some firm ideas of what I'd like to get done before spending some time just with Tad when she's born.  Yeah right.  I'm lucky to get through a very simple to-do list by the time my wires are fried!

Last week when we went on the hospital tour I was all "WAH!  I don't wanna give birth".  Or rather, "WAH I don't wanna have a baby!"  Thinking that I was ready to not be pregnant but not ready for the whole bringing-a-baby-home thing.  Well, now I can say that I'm ready for anything but this.  I wouldn't even mind giving birth to someone else's opinionated toddler at this point.

This baby might even be past due, just the way first babies run.  I'm not really sure how I'm going to live like this for 2-4 more weeks.  My goodness, I wish patience was one of my virtues, because learning it is a real bitch.


Carrie said...

Yeah, waiting for the baby to arrive those last few weeks is pretty much the slowest thing ever. But she will arrive eventually, I promise :)

Amber Theiss said...

Yep what Carrie said. It really does feel like an eternity. She will come .. I promise. It's so hard to stay focused. Just get your rest and try to enjoy it. I remember after having both of my girls feeling like I wanted them back in so I could feel them move again. Hang in there kiddo. I'll try to give you guys a call this weekend. Love you both!