Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Working It (out)

I went to my gym yesterday.  Not to work out, of course.  To see if I can suspend my membership for a few months.  Just until little person inside of me is on the outside of me and I'm in good enough condition to work out again.  But because I went on June 2nd, of course I couldn't retro-cancel for June (even though the "month doesn't technically start nor do they charge us until the 5th of each month" - that kinda peeved me because it's $60!  That's a lot of baby food!)

So I settled on July, August, and September for my suspension.  And then I got a long lecture from a personal trainer that the front desk person called for me since I have to pay for June.  It was pretty good, actually.  She was cute and perky and very thin and leading my ginormousness around showing me some of the weight machines that I can do and some things with free weights that will help keep the metabolism up.  And she had full confidence that I'll lose all this weight directly after because of having kept up my routine.  

Did I mention she was cute and perky?  I wanted to buy whatever snake oil she was selling - and I knew that she was right, that I should keep going with my working out.  But man?  I'm TIRED.  It is so hard for me to have the dedication to walk to the library (10 min walk - and I have to today because my books are due) much less go to the gym with all the other cute perky people, lug myself around and pick up some 10 pound weights while people look sideways at me trying to figure out if I'll have to give birth on their exercise mat.

This morning I have very good intentions.  I have my gym clothes on.  It's a rainy crap day with no reason to go outside.  I got so many errands and tasks done yesterday that I only have to focus on going to work this evening for a couple hours of tutoring.  The conditions are perfect...  The hardest part is getting the shoes on, right?

Ready, go.


Carrie said...

Working out is so hard at the end of pregnancy- I remember feeling such joy when the baby was born and I was forbidden to exercise for 8 weeks. Guilt-free gym avoidance!

I have no excuse now though, darn it.

maggie said...

I just got back from visiting a friend and her 5-week-old. My friend is back to her teeny tiny 100 pound self. Regular pants. Buttoned. No sign of the giant protruding stomach she was sporting only FIVE FREAKING WEEKS AGO. The whole way home I had to remind myself to practice Christian charity because MY GOD I HATE HER.

Julie said...

I'm not pregnant, nor have I ever been, so I can't commiserate with you there, but congrats to you for getting up and doing it! It's hard enough to 'get the shoes on' when you aren't pregnant, so I can only imagine that pregnancy amplifies that oh so much :)