Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I'm not one of those people that swallows supernatural things without a grain of salt.  Not that I don't think God doesn't work in mysterious ways - I definitely do.  It's just that a lot of times with ghosts or other silly, weird, unexplainable things, I think people see what they want to see, and I guess I'm too practical to make the leap in logic to mystical.  Sometimes I'm surprised.

I went to CostCo today to pick up some odds and ends and while I was comparing the sugar content in some instant oatmeal brands, a tiny Asian lady rolled her cart up to me and said "8 month?" pointing at my belly.  I kind of laughed and said "Yeah, seven and a half."  She gestured in a rubbing motion and lifted her eyebrows looking from my belly to my eyes evidently asking if she could touch me.  I thought it was a little weird, but I put the oatmeal down and stuck my bump her way.  She touched it with her right hand and said "ah!  a girl!  She have a smile like you!"  And then she patted my arm and walked away.

I stood there thinking "what the hell just happened?" because to be perfectly honest it kind of shook me and gave me goose bumps.


Lily of the Valley said...

Hi, saw a picture of the sweater you knitted for Manda's little one. Gorgeous sweater! Thank you for treating one of my dear friends so well.

Kate P said...

Whoa! That is way cool. (I know, someone will come along and say she had a 50-50 chance and you have a nice smile, but. . . still.)

Jess said...

I am the same as you--not believing in signs or whatever, but I would still be shaken up by that too. In a good way, though. I think.

maggie said...

AAAHHH! Awesome! Where do I find this lady?! I am a TOTAL SUCKER for that stuff. LOVE IT.