Monday, June 30, 2008

A Pictureful post

This weekend was awesome.  Well, it was hot.  Seattle went from record cold weather to a midwestern summer in no time at all.  The summer solstice came around and Seattle woke up and said "What?  Oh crap!  It's summer and I slept through spring" and then turned the thermostat all the way up.  And also?  This is Seattle.  We don't HAVE air conditioning because we don't NEED it ever.  Sigh.  

Anyway, that's not why this weekend was awesome.  This is:

Week 36! Hiking is good for you.

The Bubba and I took advantage of the sun and drove up to Deception Pass State Park where we gleefully (albeit slowly) hiked around Bowman Bay and Whidby Island.  We've lived here for more than three years, and we waited until it cost $8 ba-zillion to fill up our gas tank to drive the hour plus to the park.  Ah well.  It was on my list of things I wanted to do before baby comes: go for a nice hike just the two of us.

My Bubba taking a break to be pensive.

The weather was perfect - the trails were mostly in the shady forest surrounding the bays and the Sound so it was nice and cool and breezy.

Little island in Rosario Strait, the Olympics way in the back

I put my feet in the ice-cold water off of Whidby Island.  We collected interesting rocks.  We talked about future family vacations.  We held hands.

The water was freezing!

We stopped for huge burgers and fries on the way home after which I slept in the car.  Saturday was a truly excellent day. 

Sunday, now that's a different story!  I could barely move from the soreness!  I would have done it all over again in an instant, though.


Manda said...

Looks great!! Glad you guys got some time together. We love hanging out just the two of us away from the usual hustle and bustle!!
We don't have a.c. either... everyone says "oh, it's not USUALLY this hot here but I say "BAH!" I'm sore too. We should start a club.

Kate P said...

Neat! I get to see what the outdoors are like in your neck of the woods. :)