Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Not an Exotic Pet Person

I walked Greenlake this morning.  Getting out in the day and exercising is supposed to help with the mood, right?  I'm having a really rough time not seeing any sun.  It might as well be March for crying out loud!  My heat is still on.  I just hope that when the summer does indeed decide to grace us with its presence that it has the good sense to stick around well into normal autumn time.  Butthole.

In my car stopped at the red light by Greenlake, I happened to look over at the car next to me. (Since Maggie's looking for a new car, she's got me completely obsessed with what people around me are driving.  I wish we could afford a new car at this point - a two door with a baby seat is going to suck, I imagine.  Ah well.  That will have to wait... ) 

ANYHOO, I looked over at this car next to me, (it was a van actually) and the lady driving was idly petting a goat.  Goat.  That was sitting in the front seat.  Do people in the city of Seattle actually own goats?  So that made me look at the city codes for pet laws, and who knew? Potbellied pigs and goats are totally acceptable pets if they're licensed and not bigger than whatever maximum size.  This is the same license one would have to get for a dog or cat.  But you can't have chickens in single family zones.  I don't know about ladies with goats in the front seat of their vans.  That's just kinda kooky.

I've never had the urge to own a pig or a goat and keep it as a pet.  It reminds me of the crazy lady that kept a horse as a pet in her house and it slept in the bathtub.  Of course I can't find a link to it anywhere anymore.  But I heard about it on NPR, so it must be true.  I think that was a good two years ago, and she was required to find some new digs for the poor thing after it ripped up her living room.  How did she not see that coming?

Sometimes animals weren't meant to be pets.  What did that horse's life look like?  How miserable to never run on his own.  I don't know too much about the merits of goats or pigs as pets, but I would imagine that the same would hold true. tells me that both pigs and goats are pretty needy.  Child and husband.  Don't need a pet like that.  These animals were meant to be outside doing outside animal-y things.  In my opinion, sometimes animals were just meant to be animals and not people.


Kate P said...

The weather must be really terrible if you're looking up city codes for exotic pets! That's one thing I like about California--it's illegal to have a ferret as a pet. I lived with one in college (owned by a weird roommate) and it was one nasty creature.

Jess said...

Torsten LOVES goats. But even he doesn't want one as a pet. I hope.