Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Internet fun

So, I thought I'd let you in on a couple examples of my random screwing around on the internet when I'm tired of looking at my work spreadsheets:

Following in Kate P's footsteps, I too am a wonderful 1930's wife.  


As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Superior

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87 out of 100.  That's a lot.  What with the supporting of the husband and the cooking of food and the hosting of friends.  Not quite sure how I feel about that.

Last night Bubba and I were vegging out and watching a rerun of NCIS and Abby (the lab girl on the show) was playing with a computer program morphing two photos into one.  So, of course I scoured the internet and found www.morphthing.com and morphed our faces.  I was laughing so hard, tears were rolling down my cheeks.  The morphed photo looked not unlike a primate with my eyes and nose and cheeks, and with Bubba's ears, eyebrows, chin, and hair.  

I strongly suggest doing this with your significant other.  I would post our morphed photos here, but I just can't bring myself to be humble enough to share it with you.  Someday if you come over to my house and visit I might show you and we can have a good laugh.

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Kate P said...

I'm at the point where I'll celebrate anything that calls me "very superior." So, nice score!!!