Monday, June 9, 2008

Humble Pie, or Cupcake

Saturday we went to a cycling race in Ballard.  They blocked off a half-mile loop around the cutie "downtown" area and the cyclists rode in loops over and over.  They went from women's categories to low to high mens categories, and we saw men's category 2-3 and the beginning of the Cat. 1 race before I was just absolutely done standing in the Seattle sprinkle.  

This may sound like not-so-much-fun.  On the contrary, I enjoyed it quite a bit.  I was surprised at the formation changes in the cyclists basically every loop.  And we spectated at a sharp corner so we were constantly on the lookout for wipeouts.  That made things a little more interesting.  

Also interesting?  I've never seen such a concentration of handsome men in Seattle before.  Not just the cyclists (I'm not a huge fan of shaved legs and spandex on men...) but the spectators! Their friends!  And all different kinds of handsome.  You know, there was the clean-cut dark denim wearing guy with a nice camera, and the shaved-head-angular looking man in REI gear, there was knit beanie guy with worn out shoes and two-day scruff.  A veritable smorgasbord of good-looking dudes!  I am now spreading the word that all of my single girlfriends should spend as much time as possible getting into the bike racing scene.

But that's not the point of today's post.

Before standing in the drizzle, I had to fortify myself with some consumables from Cupcake Royale.  (Really, this might have been the only reason I agreed to go to the race...)  At the shop, there was a huge dog with dreads tied to the propped open door.  I tried to find some sort of image to help my story along...

He was kind of like this, except dirty and we couldn't really tell if the dreads were intentional. And for sure not one of those Puli dogs on which the dreads are natural, you know?  It was kind of dirty-scary looking and not so cute.  At all really.  So this photo isn't a good image at all to put in your head...  Ah well, it's the best I could do.

So, he was tied to the open door and stood in the doorway with his nose working overtime smelling all the sugary sweetness, and people had to either shoo him out of the way or open the other door in order to get around him and into the establishment.  Now, I understand that some people see their dogs as their babies, but sometimes they're just animals, and in peoples' way, I don't think they should be.

We sat at a table not far from the door, and every time someone came to the door, we watched them try to finagle a way around this huge not-nice looking dog to get in.  After a while, we commented on how inconsiderate it is to tie your dog to a place like that.  And a child would go up to pet the creature and I would cringe at the dirty factor and say "Oooh, don't touch the dirty mangy dog!  Don't do it!" in a low voice.  Our friends with a comparably big dog mentioned that they would never tie a dog there because of the possibility of someone in the shop or wanting to enter being afraid of dogs, and what in the world made the owner think that this was ok? Really, there were lots of not so nice comments about this ugly dog being a general nuisance and in everyone's way.

Then the lady next to us got up, threw away her trash, untied the dog and they walked away.

We all kind of looked at each other in silence for a moment, and then I thought "why the heck did it take her so long?"  But, I think my sensitive Bubba died a little inside.


Carrie said...

Ooh, that's a tough one.

Love Cupcake Royale though. Now I'm distracted by thoughts of cupcakes.

Kate P said...

That's interesting, we had a major bike race around here yesterday. (I thought twice about where I was going to church b/c my first choice was near all the action.)

That lady probably does the same thing every week. . .

If the women in your area are all that weird, by all means, send the single hotties over to the East Coast!