Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dr. Not-so-Right-but-OK-For-Now

I'm not sure that my current doctor will be OB to baby Theiss number two.  I'm not overly impressed.  She came very highly recommended, and really, I feel quite comfortable with her. And I LOVE that her newest baby is only 5-6 months old, so everything I'm going through is all fresh in her memory too.

There are some drawbacks, though.  Her nurse isn't my favorite person in the world.  She's kind of ... um... unprofessional.  She's really good a rolling her eyes when the office is busy and I've heard her and another nurse bitching about whatever right outside my exam room door.  Not exactly what I'd expect walking into a doctor's office.  Also?  The last three times I've gone, it has been nearly an hour before I've seen my doctor and then it seems that she wasn't prepared to see me, and asked many of the same questions she's already asked in the last few weeks.  

The wait I guess I can deal with, and others have told me that seems to be standard.  It's not like I have an office job where my boss is timing my lunch hour, but it's a drag when my Bubba feels like coming and it's impossible because he can't sit around for 2 hours twiddling his thumbs.  When I (finally) get to see the doctor, it's like we have to go through a lot of information for a second or third time.  Did you take the childbirth classes?  Did you decide if you're going to donate the cord blood? etc.  But last time it was as bad as "Did you have that ultrasound I ordered?  What did they say?" because she didn't even have a copy of the stupid results sheet from the ultrasound people.  She seems to be more interested in the novel I'm reading (or finishing while I wait) than how the baby's doing.

Sigh.  She's knowledgeable (even if she is an over-informer).  She's nice.  She's young and fresh. But I am starting to feel a little more like a number on her chart than someone she cares about delivering.  I think I'd be better with someone more laid back because I tend to freak out and obsess about what the doctor says and how she says it.

Next time, I'll also look for someone who's not so popular.  I'm a small clutch of best friends kind of girl, not a larger group of good friends kind.  I'm a glutton for attention.

In funner news, the prints that I ordered for Tad's room came!!

Bubba hung them for me this weekend, and I just LOVE them!  The first one is "Barbar en avion" and the other is "Barbar et ses Ballons."  So cute and colorful and fun.  Love them.


-R- said...

I love the Babar posters!

Carrie said...

I love the posters! The room looks cute.

Too bad about the doctor- hopefully she'll be more on top of things from here on out.

Kate P said...

You don't need to be hassled at this important time. . . If they keep asking you the same questions, I'd come prepared with FAQ's on an index card to hand them!