Friday, June 6, 2008

All Good Things

Today has been a pretty happy Friday so far.  I know.  Get out your calendars, circle the date, Lizzie's NOT complaining for once in her life!  It turns out that there's quite a bit to be thankful for (fancy that!).

Firstly, the pregnancy massage yesterday?  Oh. Mah. Gah.  It was awesome.  I've had one massage before ever, and this wasn't even in the same universe.  I walked out of there feeling a little less like a crippled pregnant lady and a little more like a gazelle.  I also wish my Bubba could have been in the room to learn whatever it was she was doing with my hip area.  I would have one once a week if it were in my budget.  Delicious.

Secondly, I am not (get that? Not.) having a 10 pound baby.  Whew!  We had an ultrasound this morning to celebrate the end of our 32nd week and to make sure this baby isn't hugormous. She's not!  She's perfect.  Well, she's above average - the doctor estimated her size at 4lbs 8oz - and that to me is heavenly.  All her parts work well, her heartbeat was 143, we got to see her legs working out some kicks.  It's amazing all the things we can see with ultrasound.

We didn't get any cool ultrasound photographs, though, because she is so big now and I didn't really want a print off of the dark spot that is her kidneys or the little line that is her cerebral cortex.  I'd rather have gotten a face shot, but of course she decided to turn to face my back just as soon as the tech was making her way to the face.  Figures.  Bubba thinks that she's already spiting me - she wouldn't show us her face in the other ultrasounds either.  Sigh.  Oh well.

Also?  There was a bit of worry last ultrasound about a uterine cyst.  It's gone now - no sign of it.  YAY!

Thirdly, I finished this sweater

for Manda's Little Buddy.  It turned out so cute, I think I have to make one for Tad now too.

Fourthly, I have a wonderful husband who is loving and supportive and kind and good to me and I am madly in love with him.

I am going to celebrate all of these things by calling my mother, taking a nap, and ordering pizza for dinner.  In that order.


Carrie said...

The sweater is so cute!

Glad the massage and ultrasound went well. You're in the home stretch now!

Anonymous said...

OH MY STARS!! That's for ME! Uh, I mean, MY BABY! Liz, I could die. Seriously, this changes my whole crap week. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!
p.s. I just showed John the picture and he was all, "She made that? With her hands? It's got flowers on it! It's beautiful!" You even make my husband gush!!

Manda said...

Dangit I'm a spaz and I somehow just anon commented again.
So, here's another comment to tell you, obviously, that was me.
Hooray for Tad! Who is perfect! And has a mother with SKILLZZZZZ!

Manda said...

p.s. For my third and final comment, I must say that I WILL HAVE A PREGNANCY MASSAGE. So help me. That sounds like potentially the pregnancy equivalent of sushi.

maggie said...

You'e knitting for OTHER PEOPLE? Why are you CHEATING ON ME?

Told you so about the ultrasound. HATE. But also: yay!

Kate P said...

I dunno, you might turn into a gazelle if you had a massage every week. ;) Happy to hear everything went well--and wow, another sweater! How can you do them so quickly but they turn out so lovely?