Monday, May 12, 2008

Tad knows how to Par-tay!

Saturday evening some friends from work threw me a baby shower.  It was the best baby shower EVER.  I told them when they first suggested it that I'm not a huge fan of traditional baby showers.  Everything about this shower was non-traditional and it rocked.

First, it was advertised as a kegger party and was dubbed "Baby Tad's First Kegger".  Second, all of our friends in the area were invited men and women, boys and girls, and 30-some people showed up!  Well, there were some games.  But the games included beer drinking races with the prize of suggesting a name for Baby Tad (Gertie Patootie - a frontrunner now!), and a "Pin the Baby on the Boob" game which had us in fits and giggles for a good hour.  There was a huge boob drawn on poster board, and everybody (a little tipsy by that point - besides ME of course!) had to spin and try to stick little paper gap-mouthed babies closest to the nipple.  Irreverent and hilarious.  My boss won.

We grilled out, we drank our fill, and I didn't have to have the pressure of opening presents in front of anybody.  When I got tired and swollen (around 9 - I'm super surprised I lasted THAT long!) a couple of folks just loaded the gifts into the back of our car, and off we went home to bed.

It was perfect!  I didn't have to be the center of attention, I didn't have to cook or clean up!  I DID, however, have to deal with being the only huge pregnant woman among our mostly non-married, mostly non-parent friends putting up with belly rubbing and 'is she kicking' and whatnot.  But that part was pretty easy!  Such fun!

But guess what?  I didn't bring the flipping camera!  So I only have one photo to show you until friends send me theirs.  The Booty:

We have wonderful, generous people in our life.  Tad is already very spoiled!  Actually I look at the little shoes and think  "that's going to go on my baby's foot" and then I immediately pass out.  Also, our nursery now smells like baby all of a sudden - the diapers?

But, the piece de resistance?  This little number from my friend Rebecca:

 A bikini.  Of course.  I won't bore you with the back story, but I find this gift to be hilarious.

Also from Rebecca?  A book called Porn for New Moms.  Included: handsome men holding babies with captions such as "I told my boss i have to leave at 3:00 every afternoon so I can come home and give you a break." and "I changed the sheets so we can all snuggle up together in a nice, clean bed."  Bubba is going through memorizing what he can.


maggie said...

Sounds like a shower even I could love. (Except for the pin the boob part. The massive blushing would totally interfere with my direction skills.) Sorry I couldn't be there! I could have not drank beer with you!

Btw, Jack got a toy for his birthday, a big frog stuffed thing, and when you press little buttons on its tummy it says "Hi! I'm Baby Tad!" AND YOU TOTALLY HAVE TO HAVE ONE.

Kate P said...

That sounds like a fantastic time! Looks as if you're getting geared up for Baby Tad, too.

Sometimes I wonder if I live on the wrong coast.

(My word verification is "ugeesha"--sounds like a rejected baby name if ever I heard one.)

Manda said...

Ha ha! SO fun! I love the bikini. My husband would keel over and DIE if our girl gets one (I kinda hope we do... he's such a prude sometimes). :)

Swistle said...

This. is. AWESOME.

Also: I have to have that book. And all the men in it.

Carrie said...

Good gifts! Sounds like a great party- I hate traditional showers too. Especially when people are (as instructed by me) buying only off the registry. It's really weird to sit around and say "look at this cute thing that I picked out!"