Friday, May 16, 2008

Sunny days...

I'm going back to Wisconsin next weekend.  I wanted to see my family one last time and take advantage of the last time I'll travel without a baby.  We only get back to WI about once a year because it's so vacation-day and cost prohibitive.  I have not seen my sister's kids since last June, and my brother's kids since the Christmas before that, I think - maybe even the summer before that...  It's time for a little mini reunion of siblings, and I wanted to share my huge belly and the transition from "single" to "family" with my nieces and nephews who have always been a main focus for me.

In other news, it was such a bea-u-tiful day yesterday and I put on something I felt really cute in - one of my two outfits that fit - and I met a friend at a coffee shop in the afternoon.  I went strolling around the U-district after to people watch.  Is it just me, or do all the crazies come out when it gets warm?

I was feeling so cheerful that I almost forgot I was pregnant.  I looked in a window I was passing and saw a reflection of my HUGE bump and had to laugh!  What a comical thing to forget what I look like!  I was expecting to see "normal" looking me, and I saw something that resembles this:

It looks like I put some sort of emergency flotation device in my shirt.  You know, for emergencies.

It was then that I realized that I didn't fit in strolling around the U-district, and that's when I came home and did more matronly duties.  Like laundry and planting things.  And the world's balance was restored.  The end.


Carrie said...

I'd be annoyed too by the whole not being around when you visit thing. Especially since you're pregnant and it's a big deal for you to come out there to see them. Hope you get lots of good baby presents from those who are around!

Kate P said...

"one of my two outfits that fit"--oh, yeah, I remember seeing my SIL with the same darn brown hoodie on all the time when she was expecting last fall. I've never understood why there seem to be so few good options out there for moms-to-be.

And the swim meet thing sucks. I 'd be understanding if it was national trials or something, but whatever. (And I've learned that when it comes to families, sometimes you just have to say, "Whatever.") Some people don't understand priorities until it's too late.

Still, it'll be so great to be with the people who are eager to see you! That sounds like fun.

Manda said...

I totally did that walk-by-the-window-o-m-g-I'm-huge thing today. I had a cute outfit on too and I'd totally (well sorta) forgotten about being prego!! HA!