Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Stretchiest in the Land*

Up until the 6th month of this pregnancy, I was like "Woo hoo!  I have a great body! No stretch marks!  No weirdnesses at all!**"  And then baby had a growth spurt.  My 6th month, I didn't change much in my eating-to-exercise ratio and gained 11 pounds.  For comparison's sake, from month 6 to 7 I only gained three quarters of a pound.  This baby got big.  And for my body, that means big purple spider web stretch marks all over my lower abdomen. 

At home with my family, of course they are enamored with my novel ginormous state.  Well, the subject of my belly button and its sensitivity came up and I lifted my shirt.  Both my mom and sister were like "Whoa." and then didn't say anything.  Excuse me?  I had to look to check if my baby hanging out of my belly button or something.  My mom said "Are those stretch marks?" and I figured that was a rhetorical question since 1) of course they were and 2) why would she have to ask after 5 children?

As it turns out neither of them ever even had stretch marks anywhere.  ANYWHERE.  One with 5 children the other with 7.  Seriously?  They were concerned with how I felt about these little purple puppies.  And the truth is, I felt okay about them until that point!  I took it for granted that this is just what happens and I guess I'll just never wear a bikini again - no big loss, right? Nobody really was begging me to put one on before this baby took up residency in my midsection.  

I have always heard and read that stretch marks are hereditary and that you either get them or you don't and it doesn't matter what lotion or body butter or snake oil you use.  So I must be the lucky one to get these from my dad's side of the family.  Sigh.

I'm just fortunate they didn't notice the fine layer of hair that has grown on my belly in the last month or so.  Don't want to freak them out too much for heaven's sake.

*Partially inspired by Manda
**Except for the back boobs, but I'm kind of over them now.  They WILL go away, so help me.


Manda said...

Oh my gosh I HATE it when people are all: yeah! I had three kids and never a single stretch mark! My boobs have the worst of it right now. I'm afraid for when they go back to their normal "B" status. Which they won't. And I will whine for the rest of my life about them. Sigh.
Back boobs. Ha ha! Me too!

Elizabeth said...

If your biggest "battle scar" from pregnancy is a few stretch marks, then you can count yourself lucky. Besides, it will prepare you for the many, many things you will have to change/give up/compromise in your life after baby arrrives. :)