Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Weekend

I went an ENTIRE weekend without the internet.  I'm not sure how I did it.... It was hard to sleep.  Hard to eat.  Hard to concentrate on anything.  I kept wondering if I had any important emails or what the weather was like here in Seattle or if my Bubba published his guest post.  I don't know how people live that way!  Excruciating.

Somehow I survived.  (In her defense, my mother DOES indeed have internet and a nice computer, it just wasn't hooked up this weekend because she moved her office into another room so that I could have a private bedroom.  I know.  She did it for me, and still I gripe.  Isn' t that a daughter's prerogative?)

My sister's shower was a hit.  Even though there were only 7 people that ended up coming, it was a ton of fun.  Mostly because my mom and my sister and I hung out together all weekend, and that hasn't happened since about 8 years ago - after my dad passed away.  They're pretty fun ladies, as it turns out.  There were times when I laughed to the point of tears, and, as you may know, that is one of my favorite pastimes!  

It was a great intimate little party and I got to spend quality time with my nieces and even my MIL and SIL.  It was good in a variety of different ways.  So the previous ranting about no one arranging their schedules to see me is discounted because it was actually a blessing.  Oh, how little faith I do have.

Some proof positive:
Little chef: two nieces watching my 9yo nephew make me a very special cake for the party.

Have I mentioned yet that my sister has seven children?  The oldest is finishing his freshman year at Marquette and the youngest just turned five and is starting kindergarten next fall.  I got all kinds of practical baby advise this weekend!!  Especially now that I have some concrete questions about nursing and post-partum nonsense and whatnot.  I can't tell, though, if I'm more reassured or more anxious about it all now that I'm more informed... 

My SIL with my nephew - this is pretty much how we all felt by the end of the afternoon.

I had a nice conversation with my MIL too when I asked about what my Bubba was like as a baby.  I should set the scene by saying that Bubba is 5th of 7 children.  She said very honestly that she has no idea.  She added that when she thinks about all the teasing she gets because every picture of him shows a skinny kid with wild hair and a snotty nose and a dirty face she just shrugs, because by number 5 and then 6 shortly after, there was so much going on it's all she could do to remember all the kids' names!  I'm so thankful yet again, that there's only one baby in my belly.

My sister, myself, and my mother laughing about melted chocolate in a baby diaper.  Super gross game, BTW.

A great weekend.  But I sure am glad to be home!


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Small party and lots of fun kids around--sounds like a good time to me! Glad it was fun.