Thursday, May 15, 2008

Light, more light!

I'm not really in a position to throw money at my alma mater.  Not that I didn't love my college experience, but it didn't make me a millionaire.  Yet.  

I finished undergrad in 2000, and I guess they figure that by NOW I should at LEAST be comfortable enough to send a little somthin' their way.  I get less solicitation from my graduate program - but still enough to ask myself, "do people really give at this point?"

Right now, my darling husband works hard full time so that I can afford to try to start my own business.  I work part time to fill in the gaps.  In our "budget" (such as it is) is money to donate to our church and that is about the extent of the slush.  I just can't fathom sending money to help my college build a new student union, you know?  Especially when it cost (cough) 30-some K (gag-cough) for tuition that I'll be paying off for the better part of my adult life.

 I don't like the guilt I get over the solicitations for money.  They always say something like: "Did you enjoy your college experience? Make it great for other kids too!" and I WANT to.  I always leave the request on the counter for days to "think about it."  

Well, they must have realized from the complete silence on our end that they're not going to get anything, because they started a new campaign - I think just for us!  We got a package in the mail yesterday with what they call a "recruitment publication" and instructions on word-of-mouth recruitment!  Tell everyone you know you went to LU!  Sponsor an applicant!  Send us the information of any high schooler you know that would make a good Lawrentian and we'll send them stuff!

Now, chances are that we don't know anybody that would want to go to Bumble-middle-of-nowhere, WI for a highly priced education.  I'm just glad the alumni office has woken up and realized that this gal ain't gonna be throwing money at them any time soon. 

Now I can convince myself that I really tried to help the good old college out just by keeping my eye out for kids that might want to go to LU!  And not have to reach into my pocketbook.  What a relief!

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Swistle said...

For a number of years, we just kept saying to them, "We're still paying off OUR college experience." Now we say, "We're saving for our children's college experience."