Monday, May 5, 2008

Crabby McCrabberson

I had an OB visit last Friday at the end of my 27th week.   The baby's doing well; she still measures big (I still think she's just going to be long like her 6'3'' daddy).  I had the glucose test, which was NOT as bad as I was expecting -- except for the fact that I belched up the grossness all afternoon, it messed with my intestines on the way out, AND I experienced a sugar crash like no other.  But, you know, other than that.  

Oh!  AND, get this, I only gained ONE pound last month.  My doctor was not too surprised when I told her that I didn't really change much as far as diet or exercise...  she said that sometimes the baby grows in spurts and puts on more weight in some months than others (encouraging, right, Manda??).  So I took myself off the fatty watch list.  I am now back to being comfortably chunky.  And I hope my doctor feels appropriately bad for telling me to lay of the cookies.  Humph.

Enough about baby, lets talk about me!  

Lately, I have been exhausted.  Like the kind of exhausted where you wake up and eat breakfast and then all you want to do is go back to bed for a nap. It's like a switch was flipped last week and now I can't get through the day without a snooze.  Add that to some wicked new body image issues, and I've got myself a "mood."

Last week I started feeling really pregnant.  I mean that I can really feel the weight now in my lower body,  and my energy levels are not as low as in the first trimester, but wow, I feel like I hit a wall most days.  That's frustrating!  I have to actively plan my day around the limited stores of energy I have.  I'm working tonight?  Well, I guess I'll be working on some knitting projects because there's no way I'm going to be awake if I exercise or work in the garden or clean up my house or (insert some other seemingly innocuous activity here).

And now we have the appearance of some heinous purple stretch marks on my lower belly.  I have a large appendectomy scar on my abdomen, so I wasn't really surprised when I got stretch marks all around the scar tissue.  I figured that was normal - scar tissue can't stretch like skin and whatnot.  But I broke down in tears when a matching set appeared on the other side.  Darn hormones.  I don't know what I was expecting, but I started calling Tad Kali, Goddess of Destruction.  That might very well end up being her middle name.

I also introduced my yoga class to the concept of "back boobs" (with which the Booby Fairy blessed me along with some additional front boobs in trimester one).  They thought it was hilarious.  Me?  Not laughing so hard.  I just have to say that those things better play backup to the front boobs and deflate at the same time...

Then there's the fact that I'm simply enormous.  I can't really imagine getting any bigger than I am.  The hugeness is alarming.  Especially since it's only been really growing for the last two months from a cute little bumplet to it's current state of OMG-I-need-to-support-this-with-both-hands-so-it-doesn't-drag-on-the-ground!  Even most of my maternity tops aren't long enough to cover the bump any more!  Here's what I mean in a VERY UNFLATTERING SIDE VIEW (taken yesterday at Discovery Park):

What was it like to have a flat tummy???  I don't even remember!

These things are to be expected with pregnancy.  I understand that in the teeny-tiny leftover part of my non-baby rational brain.  That does not necessarily make them easier to manage with the emotional brew boiling over and out of this pot most days.  And the fact that I'm just a Crabby McCrabberson in general and my pregnancy attention span is just about expired. I'm ready to get this over with already - after all, the weather just keeps getting nicer and I just want to DO stuff that requires energy and agility!!   Arrrg.


Elizabeth said...

Energy? Wait until that little one makes her appearance! Talk about sapping energy. But I'm speaking from a lack of experience with the pregnancy woes since our wee one was placed in our hands via adoption (but you already knew that). Anyway, hope the pregnancy woes continue to at least be bearable.

Manda said...

You look great! And I'm in the boat with you ... did I ever have a waistline? And you can feel proud that your belly is not perfectly balanced by the size of your butt ... as is mine. YIKES!

Kate P said...

"Back boobs"--heh.

My sister took the worst side-view ever of my SIL at Christmas (she had the baby mid-March--he was a nine plus pounder). . . and I forgot I had a copy mixed in with the pictures I was showing my date at dinner in February--yikes. Talk about chastity-inspiring.