Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Things and stuff

The crib is together.  One evening when I worked late, Bubba set it up to surprise me.  It certainly was a dose of reality!  Here's a bed.  Where I will lay the baby will sleep.  SOON.  That opened the floodgates.

Friends that have babies that aren't so new anymore are willing (thank heavens) to let us borrow so much of their baby gear.  So far, we have a car seat, a highchair, a swing, a couple of bouncy chairs.  Even a breast pump instrument-of-torture-looking contraption and a boppy. Hell, a girlfriend even threw in some maternity clothes.  Talk about some luck!

Well, I reckoned we were pretty much set with all this STUFF that is filling up the baby's room. But THEN, I started a registry for the lovely, lovely people that have found it in everyone's best interest to throw us a baby shower, and I am stuck on the question: HOW MUCH STUFF DOES AN INFANT NEED??

I have decided that much of the things that are purchased in the event of a new baby gracing the planet are for the parents to feel better about themselves.  Prime example: wipe warmers? Seriously?  Or the audio/video baby monitors that cost as much as wall mounted plasma TVs? I guess you could hook up this baby monitor to feed into said wall mounted plasma TV, and then you could both hear and watch your baby breathe obsessively in HD while actually letting him sleep...  Marketers would make a killing bringing the transmitters and wires and machines that you find in a hospital to the masses - I'm sure some parents would pay lots of money to be able to monitor baby's breathing and heart rate and blood-oxygen content at any given moment.

Ok, ok.  So it's not all worthless/obsessive/overkill.  I'll concede that we need a changing table.  Maybe a diaper bag?  Some pacifiers?  A bottle or two in case the boob doesn't work out - or even if it does.  Some bedclothes.  A bath.  A first aid kit!  A thermometer!!  A WHITE NOISE MACHINE!!!

And all of a sudden, it looks like a huge glacier of Babies R Us has cut its way through our house and left in its wake bits of brightly colored plastic baby things.  Well, I guess our baby will not want for anything.  Maybe we can even convince ourselves that we'll be better parents because of it.


maggie said...

My husband spent a long time trying to figure out how we could watch the baby on our television...

Every mama needs a diaper bag she loves. Top priority!!!

Manda said...

I agree. Babies need STUFF! It's overwhelming!! What was the kicker for me this year was that I got stuff for the baby for my birthday. I am totally chopped liver.

everaftermyway said...

I get overwhelmed by the things we still need to get too.