Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Sweater for Tad

When we found out Tad's gender a month and a half ago, the first thing I did was go out and look for some pink and purple yarn to knit little girl things.  I was tired of trying to find unisex knitting patterns. Then I found the peach blossom jacket on Looking Glass Knits - too cute!!

Here's Tad's version:

I just love the tweed!  And the bows!  And if that weren't cute and girly enough, I started this from Jen's same cache of patterns.  It's a work in progress:

I made it a little longer than the original pattern; it'll be more of a swing-y spring jacket when all is said and done.  Someday when the sleeves grow.  The lace pattern is really precious - I love it.  So feminine.

Hopefully Tad won't mind that I've decided that she's going to be a girly-girl dressed in pink and lace and bows!

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