Friday, April 25, 2008


I have been so jealous lately of the droves dusting off their people-powered contraptions in celebration of the spring.  So, I got my road bike out of the garage.  And rode it to work and back.  26 weeks pregnant.  With a baby bump out to *here*.  Granted it took me about 30-35 minutes for a ride that would have taken me 20ish last fall, but hey, I'm willing to give myself a break for the extra weight and strain I'm lugging around!  

And no, before you chide me, I did NOT ride on the roads - the bike trail goes basically from my kitchen door to the front door of my work.  Only two roads to cross, and I walked my bike like a good little pedestrian.

I didn't really think about it as being a big deal, but apparently everyone else did.  I now have the awe and respect of all of my colleagues and the new title "Bad-ass".  

Not to mention that I do have a bad ass.  You know the feeling right?  The first time in a long time that slim little ever-so-slightly-padded saddle that fits the "sit" bones so perfectly snuggles in for miles of ride, and the next day you want to die every time you sit on a hard surface.  That is what they make bike shorts for, after all.  But me, I decided I didn't want to wear bike shorts (read: couldn't - because they don't make maternity cycling gear!).  But I digress...

I don't think that people should be so shocked at a big pregnant lady being active.  I mean, every time I do something, peoples' (non-pregnant people of course) reactions are: "Really!? You walk around Greenlake?" or "You still go to the gym?"  And then there's the "Good for you!" gratuitously thrown in there.  As if it's a feat for me to even get out of bed in the morning!  Way to be pregnant and a functioning member of society at the same time!  According to my doctor I should probably still be able to run around Greenlake with a 7 minute mile for heaven's sake!  

The incredulity I deserve is: "Really?  You can keep up with a husband that makes THAT much laundry and dirties every dish in the cupboard every time he enters the kitchen?"  

In that respect, I really am a bad-ass.


Kate P said...

Hi, Lizzie--I came over from Maggie's. You sound no-nonsense like my cousin. She biked all the time to medical school in downtown Philadelphia while pregnant and none of us relatives thought twice about it!

Your photo is beautiful, BTW.

Carrie said...

Good job on the biking!

Speaking of Green Lake, my hubby and I went for a walk there when I was about 38 weeks pregnant. I thought, what the heck, it's just Green Lake. It's only 3 miles. About halfway around (the point of no return, of course), I was about to die. Would have made my beloved carry me back to the car, but I outweighed him by about 60 pounds at the time. :)

And, every time I went to the gym at the end of the pregnancy, all the people on machines around me looked so nervous. I could tell they were scared that I was going to go into labor there on the elliptical machine or something and they'd have to help me out! People are funny around gigantically pregnant women.

Hope you continue to feel well and be able to stay active- that helps so much!